Product Data Feed Integration / PDI Platform

For a sample list of feeds we can integrate your website with visit our data feeds page.


Product Data Integration (PDI) is the integrating of product data from a company's website and/or inventory software with ecommerce referral sites and/or marketplaces. The PDI Platform makes this possible.

Extend Your Website's Reach

By listing your products with popular CSE's, your items will be on sites that reach over 85 million online shoppers per month.

Software & Service that Evolves

Choosing the right software is the vital first step in scalable Internet sales systems. Our advanced software & service platform is the core component of the PDI services we provide. This system is the reason clients choose us for PDI. Our software is always evolving to meet the needs of the changing Internet marketplace.

It Fits Your Business Model

We provide options to accommodate your retail business model. Even if you do not have a dedicated warehouse, our system can be integrated with your business model until a warehouse becomes an option. Inventory integration allows order fulfillment to become more efficient, bringing costs down further.

Product Feed Resources

- Comparison Shopping Sites
- Marketplaces
- Search Engines
- Vendor P2P Sites
- Affiliate Networks
- ProductFeeds.org - List of Product Data Feeds

“ Online sales are brisk this season and we're showing a nice increase over the same time last year. I think this is due to all the work everyone has done to bring more shoppers to the site and to show them a better experience once they get there. I'm pretty psyched about the future since the web will probably prove to be an essential part of our success over the coming years. ”

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